Tips on how to qualify for paid surveys in South Africa

Are you tired of getting disqualified from paid surveys in South Africa? Do you want to increase your chances of qualifying for more surveys and earning more money? At times you are even wonderingon tips on how to qualify for paid surveys South Africa for free.  Look no further! I have put together the list of things you need to have to qualify for paid surveys and maximize your earnings. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced survey taker, these strategies will surely make a difference.

What are paid survey companies

Companies pay survey companies to conduct market research for them. This means that there is a certain candidate or personal profile they are looking for. Keep these requirements in mind as you are completing the sign up form on online survey sites. 

Key Reasons that make you not qualify for top survey sites in South Africa

1. Not passing the initial screening

As you sign up, surveys will often ask you questions and these questions are used to determine whether you get surveys sent your way or not. The screening questions for surveys includes education, age, shopping habits, gender, location, industry etc.

2. Can you use VPN OR Proxy to qualify for paid surveys 

Being in the right country that companies want to use for market research is key. So often it is tempting to qualify for the higher-paying surveys through using a VPN to mask your location. Most sites will not allow this because it is fraud, hurts their business, and renders survey replies meaningless. If you use this software, you may not qualify for surveys. Make cautious to verify each survey site’s terms before utilizing this software, as some will prohibit your account.

How to unlock Surveys in South Africa

  • You have a car + you are planning on purchasing a second car
  • You pay for insuarance – home , car and life
  • You own a house
  • You have more than 2 children
  • You have a number of devices – tablet, ipad, cellphone, gaming consoles
  • You often travel for business and also for pleasure with your family
  • You are married or you live with a partner
  • You are the primary decision maker
  • You are fully employed and work in corporate (45 hours a week)
  • Education – Matric + Degreed
  • You earn a good salary – R30000 p/m +
  • You purchase grocery and always buying furniture to upgrade your home

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