Earn easy money online with ySense in South Africa

Making money online has never had such a cult-like following before. In recent years, the market has been overflowing with many websites and apps claiming to help people with easy, fast-payout jobs to generate another source of income. 

Is ySense legit in South Africa

ySense is a free-to-use- money-making app (also available on the website) that offers its users various ways to earn extra cash online. These include completing tasks, surveys and offers. It currently holds a 3.7/5 stars review on Trustpilot, with a majority of 60% of its users rating ySense a full five stars. 

Having a variety of opportunities available is quite tempting to someone coming from those ‘answer surveys – make money quick’ websites and not having much luck. 

Here’s what I learnt about ySense.

How can you make money on ySense? 

ySense has a few money-making opportunities for users to take advantage of. 


Surveys, like many online earning websites, are among the most popular money-making methods. ySense is no different. With ySense, users can complete surveys from service providers who have partnered with ySense in the name of market research. 

It is worth noting that you can only complete some advertised surveys. Your age, nationality and other factors play a role in determining what surveys are open to you. 

Paid offers: 

Online offers come from ySense partnered service providers. These offers include reviewing new apps, signing up for websites, testing out new games, or simply subscribing to a service.

There are ‘conditions’ before completing a paid offer. It’s advised that you read them carefully to know what is expected of you to receive your full reward at the end. 

ySense Watch: 

A recent addition to the list, users are paid to watch videos. There are topics and various channels available that meet your personal preference. 

Once you choose a video to your liking, you must watch it for a specified amount of time – there is a timer that will let you know when you can move on. You must watch between 7 and 10 videos for the specified time to be rewarded. 

This option is only available in the USA for the time being. ySense will be making this available to more countries, so if this is something you could do to earn money, keep on checking to see when your country has this option.

Daily bonus:

According to a long-time ySense user, the website provides a daily poll that users can complete daily and receive a reward. This could lead to you making up to 16% of your income from this option alone. 

You have to qualify for the daily bonus, which is relatively easy to do. Sometimes, you will need to complete two surveys or two offers (or both). Every user will have a different requirement, and not all opportunities are the same. 

It’s advised to be active on ySense, so you don’t miss out on the extra earning potential with the daily bonuses. 

Affiliate programs:

By signing up as an affiliate and referring people to ySense, you earn a sign-up commission of $0.10 to $0.30. When your referral makes their first $5, you get $2. 

The more of your referrals that use ySense, the higher your earning potential becomes. 

These are only a few of the many opportunities available to you. Interested parties can sign up here https://www.ysense.com for more information!

How much money can you make?

From what I’ve seen, the rates are pretty low. Unless you’re constantly at it, you could be cashing out a decent amount. But certainly not enough for you to quit your day job. 

Making consistent use of all the opportunities is the best way to make a worthwhile bit of cash. 

From what I could find, watching videos (if available) pays between $0.02 to $0.03. Completing the daily poll gets you $0.01. Affiliates receive $2 when their referral makes their initial $5.

Other than those, pay amounts are not shared by many users or disclosed on the ySense website. 

How do you get paid with ySense in South Africa?

ySense pays its users in dollars. 

The payment methods include PayPal (you can only cash out once you have $10). Amazon gift cards can be cashed out with a minimum of $5 in rewards. There are other gift cards available that will depend on your country. 

Two other payment methods to receive your rewards in cash are Payoneer and Skrill. 

ySense tracks your rewards on your account so you can see how much you have. You will need to get approval for some surveys with higher rewards before cashing them out.  

Can you use ySense on mobile?

Yes. The creation of a user-friendly app allows for more efficient use. 

The ySense app is available for Android and Apple users. The app makes it much more convenient to review and complete surveys. As mentioned above, app and web users will have different options. It is best to check both for optimal results.

Which countries can use ySense?

You can access ySense in most countries. The opportunities available are dependent on the country that you live in. 

Based on reviews I have read online, these are some countries where ySense is being used: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States.

If you want to make a few extra dollars a month, ySense is an app you should consider signing up for. 

You are not guaranteed to make a whole new income on the side, but something (especially easy money) is better than nothing!

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