Cancellations & Retentions Agent for WebAfrica | Remote SA +FREE LAPTOP


Do you have a way with people? Are you a master of persuasion and influence and passionate about customer happiness?

We have an opportunity for you.

Our Cancellations team is on the hunt for a Cancellations & Retentions Agent who has a knack for influencing customer decisions and quick thinking on their feet to retain them.

The name of the game is to sell solutions to problems and retain our customers!

Important to note is that this a remote role!

Do you have the drive and skill?

Step forward and let’s talk!


  • The Cancellations & Retentions Agent will be required to prevent customers who want to cancel and actively retain customers who have already cancelled their service.
  • Our Agent X needs to be an expert at negotiation, have excellent problem-solving abilities coupled with strong customer service expertise.
  • Our Superstar will need excellent communication skills with the ability to be effective at conflict resolution and always put their customer first.
  • It’s a fast paced, exciting and result driven environment.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes?

A unique interface will allow the agent to see customers who have clicked the ‘cancelled’ button and in turn create an opportunity to retain the customer.

The interface will include:

  • Customer Contact Details
  • Age of cancellation in days

The mandate will be to attend to these customers as quickly as possible as the success of retaining customers relies on us addressing any issues and correcting those expeditiously.

The agent will be required to perform in a fast-paced, result driven environment meeting their targets on a monthly basis.

Being able to propose solutions and negotiate with customers will be a key driver in the success of this role.

Required Skills

  • Customer Service – Must be able to interact, assist and understand the frustration / situation that lead to a cancellation
  • ISP and Technical Support Experience will serve to the successful candidate’s advantage
  • Patience – A high degree of patience will be required to gather information that lead to a cancellation taking place
  • Conflict Resolution – Must be able to navigate challenging situations with irate customers
  • Problem-solving abilities – Being able to think on your feet will be a valuable asset in this role in order to establish and determine a resolution for the customer
  • Communication Skills – Strong written and verbal abilities will assist the agent in being able to articulate solutions and proposals to keep the customer onboard.
  • Organization Skills – Having to keep detailed timelines of events with the desired outcome of retaining a customer will assist the agent in achieving that goal
  • PREFERENCE will be given to applicants who has fibre network coverage.

Correspondence will be conducted with shortlisted candidates only. If you haven’t heard back from us within two weeks of the application deadline, please regard your application unsuccessful – but don’t lose hope, keep checking our website for more career opportunities in future.



Our benefits are second to none – the icing on the Webafrica culture cake:

  • We are a Fully Remote work environment
    • That’s right! No need to go into the office! You can work from just about anywhere
    • We have partnered with a shared office/workspace called Workshop 17 and we cover the cost of your access to any of their branches around the country – if you’d like a change of scenery from time to time.
  • We Kit you out
    • We will provide you with all the necessary tech equipment needed for a remote office. Laptop, monitor, and headset. And of course, a UPS to ease the effects of load-shedding! We also provide you with Connectivity – FOR FREE!

THE CHERRY ON TOP!!! Webafrica rewards stellar performance!

  • Performance Bonuses of up to 20% of your cash salary are paid out quarterly, so long as company targets are met.
  • We always try to have some fun! Team buildings are a big deal as well as other cultural activities and company

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