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You Only Need To Be Good At One Thing To Secure This Well-Paid, Flexible, And Stable Side Income Opportunity…

You need to be good at writing. But there are a lot of reasons for you to jump at this opportunity.

Let me explain.

We help small businesses compete with large corporations for exposure online. Normally the giants have a huge advantage, but we level the playing field. We do this by publishing content about our clients on some of the biggest sites online.  We’ve been incredibly successful at this. More and more companies want to work with us so we need to publish more and more content. And that’s why we need your help! You’ll be writing our clients’ company announcements and describing their products.

But what’s in it for you? Why would you want to write to us?

4 Main Reasons To Start Writing For Us

1. Awesome Side Income

I don’t have to tell you that great side income opportunities don’t come around that often. But this is one of them.

Most of our writers earn between $800-$2000/month working part-time. Working at a moderate pace, that’s over $18/h. And some of our writers are able to make as much as $30/h.

2. Flexibility You’ve Been Looking For

We don’t have any expectations for the amount of work you’ll do. It’s 100% up to you. This is perfect if you need extra income but you have other things going on besides this job.

And you can do the job at any time that’s convenient for you. Set your own hours and work at your own pace.

3. Stability You Can Count On

One of the worst things about writing jobs is that you always have to hustle to get new clients. This won’t be the case with us. There will always be more work available if you want it.

Our writers love that. No wonder they stay with us for years.

4. Get The Training You Need

We do expect your English to be bulletproof. And you’ll need some writing chops to get this job. But outside of that, we’ll provide all the training that you need.

Not only will you earn an excellent income, but you’ll also get marketable skills that you’ll use throughout your life.

Here’s What We Expect From You

  • You are able to write in an easy-to-understand, smooth-flowing style.
  • Your writing doesn’t have spelling or grammatical errors.
  • You always meet the deadlines you commit to.
  • You are willing to work with editors and receive constructive feedback on your work, especially in the early stages.
  • You are able to adjust your writing style between casual and formal.
  • You are ready to be part of a welcoming, supportive team of fellow writers.
  • Experience writing press releases or online content is helpful, but it’s not essential

How To Apply

Fill out the application form on this page.

What to expect from the Hiring Process:

  • Round 1 – We review your application to see if you meet the initial requirements for this role.
  • Round 2 – You will have to complete a quick Grammar check.
  • Round 3 – You will have to write a Press Release sample based on one of two topics we listed. 
  • Round 4 – Our editorial team decides if your writing skills match the requirements for our type of clients.

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