Valentines Day-inspired Work Outfits To Try

Valentines is all about the reds, pinks, and whites, and why not spend more than one day wearing Valentines-inspired outfits to work? These pieces can be worn to work or you can even wear them as date night outfits for Valentine’s Day.

I have selected these outfits from well known South African retailers. You can take a look at their online storefronts and find even more inspiration!


Abstract Deep Red

Nothing says Valentine’s Day than this red dress. This outfit can swing both casual and dinner—after-work drinks with your beau!

Boucle White

Zara often has such formal pieces that are feminine. Pairing the dress with pink pumps and bow earrings softens the entire look.


Pink Florals

Lunch with the girls or a meeting outside the office at a coffee shop will work for this dress. I must say, that handbag is a statement piece.

Powder Pink

The bright pink bow ties this entire look for me. A simple dress that can be easily be worn with a blazer for formal meetings.


White , Gold & Pink

This is my favorite outfit out of all the other nine! The structured dress says I mean business but the shows and hair band… remind me that hey, life is beautiful. Lets not take everything so seriously.

Cherry Blossom

Ogawa Kazumasa


White Irises

Ogawa Kazumasa

Red & White



Pink & Nude

Ogawa Kazumasa

Pink & Black



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