Social Media Manager

These days, almost every business, startup, and influential person needs to be active on social media. This means that managing social media has become one of the best jobs you can do from home that pays well.

In short, social media managers take care of all of a brand’s social media accounts. As part of their job, they might make interesting and relevant posts for social media, plan ad campaigns, and interact with fans and community members.

As the social media manager role is still a new career path, almost anyone can become one. It does require you to be creative and have a portfolio. Growing your own personal accounts is a great way to get hired as a social media manager, as it shows, or rather, is proof that you know how to grow an engaged social media account.

Data Entry Clerk

When we talk about simple jobs that can be done from home, data entry is one of the easiest to start with. However, with the advent of CRM systems, some companies still hire data capturers. A data entry clerk’s job is to put data into a computer database, like information about customers or money. It’s helpful to be able to type quickly and correctly, and it’s also helpful to know how to use chart programs like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Travel Agent

Do you love planning trips? If yes then great news! If you love traveling, you can turn your hobby into a business by becoming a virtual travel agent. Virtual Travel agents help people like you plan and book their trips.
A lot of hotels and accommodation places have their rates on their websites. Sometimes, you can even reach out and they will give you discounted pricing which you can offer your travel clients.

Online Tutor

If you are good at a certain subject, you can use that skill to make good money as an online teacher! Think about helping kids with their schoolwork, college students, and even adults who want to move up in their jobs.

Teaching English Online is a great option for a number of people. As long as you can read, write, and speak fluent English, you can get remote teaching jobs online with no qualifications. It is advisable that you do a TESOL or TEFL certificate.

I really like it because you can make your own lessons on almost any topic you want, from math and English to cooking, singing, yoga, and more, even if you have never been a teacher before or don’t have any qualifications.

Customer Service Representative

Good customer service is essential for businesses to succeed in this digital age. To ensure that customer concerns and problems are solved, companies employ customer service representatives. As a customer service representative, you can do the work from home, as the job is mostly done over the chat, phone, email, or social media.

To be successful in this area, you need to be able to communicate well, handle conflicts well, and, most importantly, be patient with customers who aren’t always eager to help.

Online Surveys

Did you know that some people make a living by taking online surveys. Some respondents get paid between $50 – $450 per survey. However, in most cases, a number of people can expect to earn around $100 per month through completing surveys. Howe


Someone who listens to audio or video files and puts down what is said is called a transcriptionist. And right now, there are a lot of ways for transcriptionists to make money. Think about business talks and podcasts, academic conferences and focus groups, and a lot more!

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